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Education provides individuals with opportunities to learn skills which, in turn, could change lives. Without an education, the unfortunately reality in third world country is an increased risk for families to struggle, suffer, and deteriorate. While an education will shape an individual’s future, it undoubtedly plays a unique role in personal empowerment, enhances and improves the health of a community, contributes socially to the success and growth of a country, and ultimately, the global economy. We believe the children of Rwanda should have the opportunity for education. However, it’s not only about getting them into the classroom. It’s also about making sure they have adequate educational resources, are well taught, and that what they learn actually improves their opportunities in life, their families, and their communities. For this reason, Team MMM Group is very proud to help the children of Rwanda obtain a quality education through the Lake2Lake for Rwanda cycling and fundraising event.
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$50.00 CADTodd,Lindsay,Danica and LincolnGood Job Sean and Team!!
$25.00 CADPhil R InnLate as always... hope you boys weren't that slow over the finish line... ;)
$100.00 CADEMA Consulting Ltd.ride Bob ride. Great cause! Be safe...
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