Kate's Kause Cycling

Kate's Kause Cycling was started to support Kate's Kause, "a charitable organization supported and run by volunteers [who] are committed to Angelman Syndrome awareness and fundraising for inclusive community projects. Angelman Syndrome is a very rare neurogenetic disorder characterized by a severe global delay. People with AS (or "Angels") have little or no verbal skills, poor gross and fine motor skills, and possible siezure and sleep disorders."

Kate also happens to be my granddaughter and she has taught me, among many things, that perseverance and determination, the will to continue to strive for success, is a lesson we can all take to heart. She is my little hero (and she's cute as a button--what can I say!). I ride for her and for the ideals this foundation upholds.

Check out the Kate's Kause site for more information: www.kateskause.com

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