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Aug. 6, 2011

ITT - Junior and Paracyclist categories 20km
● Youth Men (u13, u15, u17)
● Youth Women (u13, u15, u17)
● Junior Women (18-19)
● Paracyclists
Entry fee: $30

ITT - UCI Championship Categories 40km
● Elite Men / Women
● Junior Men
● Master Women - A, B
● Master Men - A, B, C, D
Entry fee: $50 Elite/Master, Juniors $30

TTT Categories 40km - 3:00 PM (after ITT)
● Cat 1/2 Men
● Cat 3/4 Men
● Women 1/2/3
Entry fee: $180. Team entries include four ITT entries. Team Participants doing ITT will be scheduled in Wave 2 if possible (unless they ask otherwise)

Licence - A UCI license is required.

All participants must present their racing license and a signed waiver at registration to get their number.

Awards - Provincial Championship categories will get medals and championship jerseys: Jr, Sr & Espoir Men; Jr & Sr Women (there must be at least five competitors in a category for medal and jersey awards.) Medals will be awarded for Masters categories (minimum 5 entries.)

Sign-on - Opens at 8:00 AM, bike measurement 8:15 to 9:30AM, sign-on closes at 9:30 AM, first rider starts at 10:00 AM

Bike Measurement - bikes will be measured for all Championship categories, including roll-out for Junior categories. You will be required modify your bike to pass if it fails. If you cannot modify your bike you cannot ride.